Day 00. Preparations…this will soon be a travel blog!

Wow…in a few days we’ll be in Europe with the van…a first for us!
Rog did admit to feeling slightly nervy …lots to remember, a big responsibility and he does most of the driving…when the caravan’s attached!

So…lots of preparations…
As we live in the caravan but also use the house facilities, most of our possessions are in the van but we do spread a little so, there’s still some sorting to do. 

I love that we don’t have to pack a suitcase…we pack the van…we are like a snail with our home on our back. 

I decided it would be best to sleep in the house from Monday, then we can both get the van ready for the Road!

I tend to concentrate on the interior and the man, on the exterior…

An excellent division of labour!

So we don’t spend the very strong Euro on household, toiletries and stores…I’m stocking up with all sorts of supplies, leaving us fresh food and fun to buy!

Of course, making sure all our finances are straight as we may be away for a few weeks!

Many lists on the go…then more!

We’ve planned the first three days of our trip…
Once in France, our first overnight stop will be, once again, Epernay…Capital of Champagne…I wonder why?

I say again, as last September we drove to Cannes for the month, first stop Epernay…I’m sure it’s purely convenience!

Our second and third nights will be near Lausanne, around the lake, as we are visiting my cousin, who I haven’t seen for years. 

When I was 17, for almost a year, I lived with her family and studied French. We’ve only met up twice since, although these days, we keep in touch using social media. 

So, we are looking forward to that occasion. 

From day four…no plans…we are on our way, primarily, to Italy but may pop down to Cannes, where our eldest is staying for a week! 

exotic Folkestone!



OMG…one day to go!

Still more preparations today…thought we were pretty well organised!

After hoovering and “batonning down the hatches” in the caravan, we will have a trial run!

The van has been sitting very comfortably in our garden for three months now, levelled on all sorts of hardcore, time to be a tourer again!

For the past week, we’ve been unable to use our car as Rog sited it by our back gate, in preparation for exiting the caravan (no, not joking!)…so no-one could park there and block us in! 

Hence, using the bike and walking everywhere…oh, and using my mother’s car last week too!

Last night, in the dark, I stood in the space whilst Rog fuelled the car…ready for the Off!

What a day!  It’s 6.30pm and I’m now standing at the front of the house guarding our parking space as Rog has had to pop out!

The caravan has been prepared for the road and squeezed onto our front drive…all ready for, hopefully, an easy departure!

We’ve bought and completed all those last minute bits

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