Day 09.  Genoa

Although up early, a slow start…touring as we are, we need time to catch up…still need to find a washing machine!
So, finally off into Genoa. We had valid train tickets till 16.00 today, so decided to take the hour long train journey to the other side of Genoa: Nervi, where a stunning cliff sea promenade, winds along the coastline with glorious mature trees and parkland on one side, Italian villas dotted on the overlooking hillside, and beautiful sparkling clear blue sea with rocky outcrops slicing into it, on the other…

graffiti covered trains

On the way to the station, I spotted a produce stall and quickly bought two Italian peaches and a bunch of Sicilian vine tomatoes, some rolls and Italian cheese for our picnic lunch…really need to stock up on Italian supplies soon, still getting through food we bought with us!

We strolled along the promenade and through the shady park on a very hot afternoon, stopping for our picnic on the patterned terracotta tiled promenade…sea views and a breeze!

This part of Genoa east, seems very exclusive…you can just tell…beautifully tended parks, villas, pools in cliffs…so peaceful.


it was so lovely!
beauiful tree lined roads

After a few hours, we took the train back into central Genoa but this time in to what’s called “the new city” … maybe by Italian standards!

We both loved the feel of this part of town and enjoyed a few hours meandering along the boulevards on the patterned tiled floors.

We came across a fantastic market with amazing fresh produce, fish, cheese, meats, spices…everything you could possibly want to eat!

courgette flowers

local mushrooms
porcini mushrooms


We bought some fresh ravioli and fresh Genovese pesto for dinner.

In fact, we’ve both acclimatised to Genoa and grown fond of this bustling city.

We made our way to the Port and caught the Navbus (boat-bus) to our typically faded pastel orange and yellow Italian Riviera seaside town of Pegli, which we love now! A great trip, seeing Genoa from a different perspective and the huge working container Port.

At Pegli, we popped into a shop for supplies, then home for showers, drink and dinner…which was yummy!

fresh Genovese pesto

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