Day 08.  Calizonna to Genoa (Liguria)

Once packed up (must get faster!) we tried to pay our bill. Rog tried first, but they had a delivery so were preoccupied…Plus he tried in his Italian, gesticulating and adding “o” to each word, that we needed to use the back gate to exit rather than squeezing through the way we arrived, when they had to clear away all the chairs! I eventually paid and the gates were eventually opened…it all works just slowly…love it!

washing the van
off we go!


We left our mountain valley of 750m and continued to climb steadily up, very slowly and cautiously, along beautiful twisty forested mountain roads until our descent towards the coastal road via Genoa.

taken from car window!

stretching our legs


Arrived at our Genoa west site in good time, but in extreme heat!

our Genoa Pegli site

Sorted ourselves, had lunch, a rest then a thorough guided tour talk of Genoa.

Off we went, with our train tickets to discover for ourselves.

one view of Genoa

An old Port, industrial and very run down in parts but none the less, very interesting…not touristy!

shiny hot Mephams!

Wandered through the old town and up to a high point to realise the scale of the city. Ate gelato! So good!

such good gelato!

I always try to do this when exploring a new city…to get my bearings and to take photos!

such gorgeous children everywhere

Around 19.00, we’d had enough of the heat, needed to cool down so took the 20 minute train journey back to our side of town, Pegli.

Genoa Pegli…a former seafront village now lies within the boundaries of Genoa. It’s flower-filled, quaint, seems a friendly community and peaceful in comparison with Genoa!

Discovering, it reminded me of the Italian Riviera seaside towns…so loved it! Slightly shabby chic!

what a place to hear The Archers!

As we sat on a bench, overlooking the sea, Rog found us the next Archers episode…how incongruous but lovely!

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