Day 07. Cannes to Calizonna

One minute he was lying on the sofa bed next to me…the next he was carrying in bags of freshly baked croissants and pains au chocolate!
Coffee, milk, sugar and pink grapefruit…so sweet!

I made us that vital first coffee, sitting on the wonderful balcony, watching Cannes La Bocca waking and seeing those views!

By 10, we were off to the beach, where we spent a couple of hours happily swimming, frolicking in the warm sea and me being drowned by my lovely daughter…she’s a demon!

we all had fun in the sea…heh, snorkelman!

Sitting on our towels, chatting in the hot September sun…what a morning!

Back to the apartment to prepare for our departure but not before enjoying a lunch, kindly prepared by “partner”, with fresh baguette and Profiteroles bought by our eldest…Roger’s favourite…and she knows! So Sweet!

So, after many hugs, kisses, byes…as we got into the lift we all watched the apartment door slowly close…with both keys inside!

Okay, not to worry, I called the manager and left a message in French on her mobile, and within moments all was fine again!
Rog and I enjoyed a wonderful 2.5 hour journey back up to our Italian mountain retreat! Stopping to take in the magnificence of the scenery…something we’re not always able to do with 2 tons of caravan behind us!
It felt good back at the site…cooler and fresher and the caravan was welcoming.

back into Italy!

We strolled into Calizonna centre, around 17.00, so shops were open and people in the streets. A very pleasant small town. Bought milk then home. Read by stream under tall fir trees.

reading by stream

As I prepared dinner, Rog was waiting for the Apple launch!

Wifi wasn’t strong enough by van so we both moved down to the restaurant, stream area, where we avidly watched for their new products!

local porcini mushrooms in olive oil & pesto
watching Apple launch

I asked if we could eat our meal in this shady place and they kindly bought us a tablecloth! So kind. So Italian.

We multi-tasked by watching the launch, listening to the the Archers trial, looking for our next site in Genoa area and then eating our dinner!

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