Day 56. Pont-de-l’Arche to Portsmouth

This is my last post of this almost two month trip…exactly 8 weeks to the day!
People call it a “holiday”… I, half jokingly reply…a “lifestyle not a holiday”!

It’s been fabulous…a great adventure and experience and if you know me…I’m already planning the next!

Don’t want to jinx things at this stage, but this trip has been remarkably trouble free, for our maiden European voyage! 

The odd hassle with the caravan, the odd argument (!) but considering we’ve been pulling two tons for 1000’s of miles, up and down twisty mountains, through tunnels, along winding narrow residential streets, as well as all sorts of motorways…

staying at 15 campsites in 13 regions in 3 countries, all bringing their own quirkiness and individuality…

cooking, eating, sleeping, showering, relaxing and laughing in a luxury aluminium box…

I reckon “Team Mepham” has done okay!

I want to thank all those who have read our diary, and maybe even enjoyed our silliness…

To be honest, apart from a few family and friends, I’ve really no idea who has been dipping into these parts of our life!  

But Thank You anyway. 

I’d really love to know who has been reading my blogs and would welcome your opinions. 
So, on with our last day…a lazy morning…a light bite and espresso…then a walk along the riverbank. 

A misty autumnal noon, very atmospheric. 

We especially chose this site, for it’s good reviews but mainly for it’s proximity to Le Havre, leaving us only a hour’s journey to the port…so we could enjoy our last few hours in Europe, not panicking and rushing for the ferry!

our last selfie…for today!

By 14.00, we had packed up, made an effort to clean the car interior (it gets so mucky living in fields and on sandy sites!) and we drove out through the gates of our last site. 

so Rog, did you have a fabulous trip?

A good journey, interesting views, then Le Havre port. 

Through passport control to security, when a young female officer asked if she could look inside our caravan…I immediately thought, thank goodness I didn’t smuggle that little grey kitten!

On exiting our caravan, she started raving about it’s interior, the proper bed, shower etc. to her colleagues. 

As I speak French, understood all she was saying and joined in the conversation… then explained to Rog…was amusing!

Our ferry was of old Brittany Ferries stock, filled with some very odd people and smelled of school dinners!

We swapped seats four times…does anyone else ever do this, or is it just us?

After two hours…dinner…I chose two cold fish starters…quite good!

Three and a half hours later, we were in England…driving on the left…just!

What a trip…what fabulous memories…some magical…thank you for listening!  

Love Jane and Rog xxxx

ps.  As a record!


Epernnay    1     France

Laussane   2     Switzerland 

Calizonna    4    Piedmont

Genoa Pegli    4    Liguria

Garda    7               Veneto

Venice    5              Veneto

Pesaro    4               Le Marche

Lake Trasimeno   12   Umbria

Florence    5       Tuscany

Diano Marina   2    Liguria

Aix     4     Provence

Montpellier     2     Languedoc 

Issoire     1    Auvergne 

Châteauneuf-de-Loire    1    Loire

Pont de l’Arche   1      Normandy

6 thoughts on “Day 56. Pont-de-l’Arche to Portsmouth”

  1. What a marvellous adventure, I think you are so brave to have undertaken such a trip but at the same time I am so envious! I hope you don’t mind my joining you, my daughter would call me a stalker, but your commentary was so entertaining and your photos lovely, altogether an intriguing blog; thank you for sharing your adventure – and welcome home to Folkestone!

  2. What an amazing adventure, I’m so envious but think you are very brave to have undertaken such a trip. I hope you don’t mind my joining you on your journey [my daughter would call me a stalker] but your commentary has been so entertaining and the photos lovely. I’m so pleased for you both that it was a success. Welcome home to Folkestone!

    1. Doug, what a surprise!
      Thank you so much for joining us and for your flattering comments…I’m so thrilled you enjoyed my blog!
      See you soon jx

  3. Daddy showed me your adventure. You must have had a great time. I remember I went to the same seaside places as you did in this blog — lovely ice cream!
    I really love chou-chou the cat one day I want to go and see her.

    1. Hi Allegra,
      Thank you for reading our story…we did have a fabulous trip. And yes, the Italian Gelato is delicious!
      We had to leave Chou-chou on the site as that was his home.
      Even though he didn’t have a family, lots of visitors made a fuss and spoiled him!
      He was adorable and loved us!
      Lovely to hear from you sweetheart
      Kisses Jane x

  4. Great blog! Read every page. You seem a very happy couple.

    I hope to do something similar with my wife once we are empty-nesters.

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