Day 05. Calizanno

The day turned into a beautiful one after yesterday’s humidity and mountain mists!  I believe we are the only “foreigners” here and it seems to me that the Italians have either been here for the weekend or all summer, as there was a grand depart this am…many hugs, kisses and ciaos! So sweet to observe.

bedroom view

the grand depart!
time to relax and take stock!
The electrics kept overloading, so as Rog went off to find the showers, I decided to have a very refreshing cold shower…woke me up!

There’s a lovely friendly relaxed feel here. Rog needed a spanner so drew a picture and of course they found us one.  It’s really quite sweet and beginning to grow on us.

There are rows of wooden chalet-type buildings, under the trees, and they seemed to be used as holiday homes…some with caravans attached!

rows upon rows of chalets
a problem caused by all those bumpy mountain roads!
It took Rog two hours to fix the breakage, meanwhile I did some housework! We then strolled into the town centre, our first caffè and panini then an explore up to the 13th century castle ruins.

Bought some local speciality mushroom antipasto and back to the caravan for a cold drink and a rest…was hot!


We’re becoming more attached to this sweet, peaceful, relaxed, very Italian site, set on a stream. 

cooling off by the stream under the fir trees

Bbq chicken & salad, then a walk in the dark, under a clear stary sky. 

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