Day 04. Lausanne to Calizzano (Piedmont)

After coffee, we looked at maps to plan our route…off to Italy!
Packed up and Rog took the road bordering the lake. On our left, the tiered vineyards of yesterday, but from below, Lake Geneva and the Alps on our right…Sensational!

We passed through beautiful Montreux, which Rog described as smelling even more of money than Monaco!

A forest covered mountainous route so huge and dramatic that it can’t be captured on a camera!

Pit stop for a quick lunch then on through the St Bernard Pass…entering the tunnel in Switzerland and exiting in Italy!

For hours, we continued driving, in our air conditioned bubble, stopping only for fuel then realising how hot it was in the real world!

Rog chose our destination site for tonight…fairly carefully, fulfilling many of our criteria but neglected to look exactly at it’s location, in relation to the mountains!

So, an hour from our site, we were guided off the main road and started ascending mountain roads, so high that we entered into clouds, deeply forested hairpin bends one after another…on and on…hooting as we climbed to avoid a collision with a fast Italian vehicle descending!

moving the chairs to allow us in!!!

Eventually arriving at a rather strange site…not the Italian dream but very real Italian…nothing touristy about this site or small town, which we later explored after dinner.

interested Italians
As Rog “motor-moved” the van into place, two friendly Italian men were fascinated and came over to ask about it…we explained as well as possible…was like magic for them! I understood, as they explained, that they had never seen such a device in Italy, nor in their lives!

Some shots of last night’s walk into this village:

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