Day 03. Lausanne

After coffee in bed and on looking out the window, Rog said “it’s like living in a car park”!
Yes, a bit, not our usual choice of sites but convenient.

I sometimes feel as if I’ve been transported to another world…we wake up in our own space, then look out and find we’re somewhere new!

Or like yesterday, we drove and drove, landed at this site, met by my cousin, off to restaurant, hadn’t had a chance to get my bearings, so felt as if I’d been magically teleported, as in a film!

Once up, we walked the two minutes to the lake, in daylight this time, and what a magnificent view especially as it was still earlish and the heat of the day was yet to come. 

Whilst waiting for my cousin, we walked around the lake…wow, what views!

our table , the morning after the night before

Families gathering, setting up bbq’s and “stuff” for the day, on the lake beach and surrounding parkland.

that dress again…it’s so useful!

L gave us a splendid day out plus we managed to chat loads!
We drove around the bay, which in parts reminded us of the French Riviera, up to a very wonderful and unique area, just outside of Lausanne, where you can stroll through small vineyards and pretty villages on the hills overlooking Lake Geneva, the impressive Alps in the background.

What magnificent views! What an area of beauty! What heat!

L had kindly bought a picnic, which we ate in shade with those views.

After a few hours strolling, we drove down to a charming lakeside village with a small Marina, absolutely gorgeous.

Met up with L’s partner and home to her lovely apartment, in a pretty Swiss village, for a relaxed evening and a good meal on the balcony.

Thank you L, for your fabulous hospitality and giving us a truly memorable day x

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