Day 02. Epernay to Lausanne

Awoke to a beautiful morning, fresh and airy under the mature trees. A morning walk around this very well kept municipal site, bordered by a lake and wide river. After a second coffee, Team Mepham swung into action reversing all the setting up duties of the previous evening!

By noon (remember we’ve lost an hour!) we were on the road, stopping for me to jump out and buy some fresh local produce from a farmer’s van. 

A long journey through the lush, vast flat farmlands of central France.  Motorway for this stretch else our journey would have been 8-9 hours rather than the 6-7 hours of today!

Although beautiful, the trip became more interesting when we continued on the A roads. Suddenly, we were surrounded by forest covered hills, windy narrow roads and picturesque villages.

A diversion took us high up into the hills…slightly worrying for Rog…great fun for me! He managed admirably!

coffee with a view!

Short coffee stop!

Miles of forest covered mountains then the Swiss border. They nonchalantly waved us through without any concern that we may be smuggling people in our caravan!

the Swiss border

We weren’t of course!

By 19.00, we arrived at our camp site…thank goodness for sat nav!

driving into Lausanne, surrounded by Alps

Once upon a time, we all managed with paper maps and lots of handwritten notes but probably many marital arguments too!

Very surprisingly, my cousin and partner were there to meet us!

Lovely to see them, and as we caught up, Rog settled the van! They seemed surprised and impressed by it!

Large, very full site by the lake, seems to me that some people live here permanently. This was confirmed by my cousin who explained about the price of housing in Lausanne…much like London.

Not a beautiful site, no trees or hedges, just ground covered with all sorts of caravans, campervans, motorhomes, awnings and tents!

But is by Lake Geneva and near my cousin!

After we both showered and changed, my cousin’s partner very kindly treated us to dinner by the lake. A fun lively restaurant in true holiday/ weekend mode…live music and dancing, good food!

Was a lovely evening…so much catching up and discussion.

Tea and a cookie in our van…more chats trying to put the world to right!

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