Day 01. Folkestone to Epernay

We did it!

All that talking and dreaming…from today, we’re actually doing it!
This blog, after seven months, is now a travel blog…its true purpose!

After a smooth and well organised start to our adventure, we are sitting on the ferry, caravan stowed below with the juggernauts!

So far so good! Shouldn’t speak too soon!

au revoir folkestone
bonjour Calais


On arrival at Calais, we have a 6 hour drive to Epernay, hopefully arriving by 18.00. 

Slight delays on the route out of the port as young men were throwing burning debris on to the road in the hope of slowing down lorries so they could jump onboard. Sirens blaring, police vans and motorbikes squeezed through the traffic jam, to try and prevent them from causing any more distruption and panic…to keep them off the road. We see the “camp” behind the barrier fencing. A very disturbing scene which immediately reminds me of the sci-fi films, I watch with Rog, set in a dysfunctional dystopian world where all social codes have been lost…a total breakdown of society. But, this isn’t the place to talk about this huge immigrant crisis. 

Long interesting drive. It never ceases to amaze me, just 22 miles over the Channel, how different the architecture and countryside are. The vastness of France always gets me!

Arrived by 19.00, when I took the opportunity of speaking French, by checking us in to the site and learning of all its facilities. 
Team Mepham then took over…getting the caravan sited, unhitched, levelled, hooked up to electricity and supplied with water!

Basically, ready to live in once again…but just sufficient for one night. 

Warm balmy evening. All pitches are hedged and set under mature trees for shade and privacy. Very pleasant!

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